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an essay by Dominique Nahas.

september 17 - october 12, 2003

oil on linen
50" x 52"
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oil on linen
56" x 50"
(click on image for larger view)
"Warren Lake"
oil on linen
62" x 89"
(click on image for larger view)
oil on linen
28" x 40"
(click on image for larger view)
oil on linen
46" x 25"
(click on image for larger view)

metaphor contemporary art
is pleased to present
HOLLY SEARS - Sightings,
new paintings and an installation.

Holly Sears begins her paintings with close observation of the natural world. Depicting found bits of nature; earth, plants, sky, birds, animals, and insects, culled from her backyard garden and her travels, she recombines these shared phenomena into elaborately constructed, and highly personal tableaux. Though her evocative painterly skill brings to mind Dutch Master artists of the still life, hers are not their baroque visions. Rather, her paintings suggest the gentle and persistent powers of nature that at times may escape our notice tinged with a touch of Southern Gothic mystery. In her work Sears focuses her keen attention, imagination, and naturalist's eye on intimate offerings, unknown rituals, and moments of strange magic.

Natural offerings to the beauty of nature abound in world culture. Shinto, the ancient Japanese tradition locates the deep soul of nature in certain significant trees and stones. In Hawaii it is customary to grace particularly beautiful places with offerings of food, flowers, or stones wrapped in Ti leaves. Holly Sears evokes those traditions in her images of moments drawn from larger stories with reverence for the beauty of our planet deep at their core. Her paintings are quietly visionary offerings, richly realized dreams, fascinating both for the mystery of their content and the beauty of their execution.

Born and educated in Virginia with an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Holly Sears has presented work at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Bergen Museum of Art and Science in New Jersey . She has three times been awarded a fellowship from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts at Sweet Briar. She has taught painting at Princeton and been a master printer at The Robert Blackburn Studio. Her paintings are included in the Sidney and Francis Lewis collection, and the corporate collection of ATT, among many other public and private collections.

- Julian Jackson/Rene Lynch